The power of self-reflection: Conversations with Cindi Nandlal


By Nippin Anand | March 24, 2021

The power of self-reflection: Conversations with Cindi Nandlal

In this podcast, I speak with Cindi Nandlal, a close friend who serves as a HSE manager in a reputed organization in Trinidad and Tobago. Cindi shares her unique position as a senior HSE manager who is also appointed as a board member on three different boards. As I listened to her, I realized how much she has transformed from being who she was at the start of her career (a very ‘black and white’ person in her own words) to becoming an influential and successful leader. In every experience she narrates in this podcast, I observed an immense sense of self-reflection, empathy and humility – the traits of leadership.

What struck me most was her sensitivity to the business context (including the use of language) and the need for business leaders to understand how the organization operates at different levels before attempting to influence change. It reminds me of a beautiful quote from Stephen Covey – ‘seek first to understand, then to be understood’.

Full details and transcript can be found at the Embracing Differences Podcast

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