How organizational structure impacts upon operational safety

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By Nippin Anand | March 31, 2021

How organizational structure impacts upon operational safety

Listeners may recall a recent podcast with Professor Andrew Hopkins where we discussed the role of organisational structure in creating a culture. In this week’s podcast, we take this concept one step further with Gilsa Monteiro, a process safety specialist in one of the leading Oil and Energy companies in the world and a PhD student who understudied Professor Andrew Hopkins.

Gilsa’s study is concerned about process safety and accident hazards in an operational context. The central question of this podcast is – ‘How organisational structure impacts upon operational safety?’

To answer this question, Gilsa systematically addresses the following sub-questions whilst carefully balancing her research skills with in-depth operational know-how:

• What is centralized and decentralized decision-making?
• What are the dangers of a decentralized structure?
• How do we design the organization to strengthen operational safety?
• What are the arguments against a more centralized and independent approach to operational safety?
• What are the factors that could lead to the failure of centralized structure?

Toward the end, Gilsa provides some practical tips for creating a centralised structure to manage operational safety with a clear forewarning that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.



Full details and transcript can be found at the Embracing Differences Podcast

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