The power of deep listening

It goes back more than a decade when I was a seafarer. A frequency converter on the aft winch had failed during testing when we were just about to win a big contract. The chief engineer reported the matter to the office and the immediate response was, “who is the electrician onboard and why did he leave the tests for the last minute?”

The Chief engineer invited engine staff to his office. While the engineers were busy reviewing manuals and drawings, the chief engineer asked the motorman, “Reynold what do you think?” In less than a second Reynold responded, “Chief maybe we should try the frequency converter in the forward store as a temporary replacement, it looks the same. Can I go and check?”

Reynold fixed the problem and we won the contract.

Workers hold wealth of knowledge but are we truly listening to them?

Nippin Anand


Our team

Meet the minds behind Confidus, a diverse team with world class knowledge and expertise in human and organisational factors.

Often guided by the phrase, "let's talk about the problem, solutions will emerge", our approach is centred around thinking, reflecting and seeking clarity.

Nippin Anand


Nippin Anand

Founder & CEO

Nippin has a Masters degree in Economics, a PhD in Social Sciences and a fascination in Cultural Anthropology. Working as a seafarer and travelling the world from the age of seventeen gave Nippin the unique opportunity to meet people who think differently. This experience has informed much of his work to date, encouraging him to find deeper meaning, as well as learn and grow through every challenge he undertakes.

Throughout his career as a ship captain and safety inspector, Nippin has been intrigued by the paradox between scarcity and abundance. He states, "Whilst scarcity brings out the best in human intelligence, an abundance of talent goes to waste when people don't feel recognised at work". It is this paradox that inspired him to embark on the Confidus journey.

Noemi Fabry


Noemi Fabry

Research Consultant

Having completed her Masters degree in Cultural Studies with a thesis on perception, Noemi began working with a wide range of organisations on quality improvement, researching & developing safety reporting systems able to bridge the gap between frontline experience and organisational decision-making.

Noemi is a trained Time to Think Facilitator. She collaborated with Nancy Kline, the pioneer of the Thinking Environment, on the development of the Mentoring Application, co-leading the initial program. Her work on Confidus is informed by her research and her commitment as a facilitator.

Pedro Ferreira


Pedro Ferreira

Data Scientist

With a PhD in Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management from the University of Nottingham and international recognition in the field of safety and resilience, Pedro brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Data Scientist.

Having spent over two decades working as a researcher and consultant in the fields of human factors and safety, Pedro demonstrates a unique ability to transform cutting edge thinking into practice.

Irma Anand


Irma Anand

Finance Manager

With a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication, and extensive experience in the investment and finance sector under her belt, Irma joined the team to manage finance and budget allocation.

Prior to this, Irma worked with multinational financial services company, Legal and General, during which time she progressed from a temporary member of staff to the manager of a team of twenty in under two years. Irma is also a proud mum of two happy children, and when she’s not playing with numbers, enjoys relaxing and spending time in nature.

Jan De Koning


Jan De Koning

Chief Commercial Officer

With over 35 years’ experience in leadership roles in global organisations, Jan takes pride in developing and inspiring innovative teams worldwide and contributing to the success and growth of businesses.

Jan’s experience spans an array of industries, including the automotive, industrial and energy markets. Listening to people whole-heartedly is central to achieving a culture of high performance for the businesses he works with. Jan credits Confidus with shifting his perspective to think about what is available to hand when faced with a problem instead of looking for what’s missing.

Jon Moore


Jon Moore

Operations Manager

A Master Mariner and former ship captain, much-travelled Jon has gained an appreciation of cultural diversity having worked in Russia, Nigeria, Oman and Qatar.

Reflections on these experiences have led to strong personal advocacy for creating environments where open dialogue flourishes, and indeed Jon designed and implemented a unique values-based reporting system in his most recent role as a Fleet Manager.

Highly appreciative of the Confidus way, where the quality of the conversations leads to enhanced learning and sharing, Jon brings his delivery-focused mindset to an innovative and committed team.

Anand Eswara


Anand Eswara

Chief Technology Officer

A telecommunication engineer by education, Anand has a proven track record of architecting and building large scale technology solutions for Fortune companies. Having spent over 20 years in the software industry, Anand enjoys solving business problem using cutting edge technology and solid principles, from cloud computing to AI to blockchain.

Anand enjoys tinkering with technology in all forms and is passionate about work safety and the Confidus way

Sarah Bond


Sarah Bond

Business Associate

Sarah is an experienced health and safety and human resources professional. She gained a BA/LLB at the University of Canterbury and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HSE) from Massey University.

She has worked in a range of industries including oil and gas, rail and heavy manufacturing. She has also spent time as a surf lifeguard, ski patroller, outdoor instructor and volunteer St John ambulance officer so has an acute knowledge of what happens when something goes really wrong. As part of the Confidus team, Sarah has re-examined her health and safety practice on every level. Listening deeply and staying curious just that little bit longer has been beneficial in both her professional and personal life. She looks forward to working with more teams and teaching them all the benefits of the Confidus process.

Lincy Mathew


Lincy Mathew

Executive Assistant

Lincy grew up in the state of Kerala, South India. She has over 13 years of experience as a virtual assistant with clients across the globe. While she enjoys administrative work and is passionate about organizing, she also makes art using bottles, eggshells and paper, etc with the idea of second chances and redemption as its core motivation. Lincy is graduate in Computer Science and lives with her husband, Abhishek and their dog Shadow, in Bangalore, India.

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Holyhead Towing Company Limited
DOF Subsea

A more meaningful way to enable more of a bottom-up problem detection ability and boost the learning capability in and across organisations”

Daniel Hummerdal
Chief Advisor Health and Safety Innovation
Worksafe New Zealand

Confidus is supported by the Oil and Gas Technology Centre in the UK.