Your co-workers know where the next improvement opportunity lies.

Are you listening?

Confidus – collaborate and learn in a safe space. Helping you create the most reliable leading indicators of safety and business performance.


The three features of Confidus

A better way to communicate

How often do we jump to conclusions without fully understanding the problem? Confidus helps you to communicate more effectively, quickly unlocking solutions and improving performance.


An efficient way to improve

If you’re faced with a difficult situation, one of your colleagues may be able to support you. Confidus helps you to connect with your colleagues and learn from their expertise, resulting in better decision making.


A smarter way to learn

Confidus combines the power of artificial intelligence to recognise patterns with expertise and curiosity to understand the deeper meaning of those patterns. That’s how we help you create the most reliable leading indicators of safety and business performance.


Who we work with

Holyhead Towing Company Limited
DOF Subsea

Our three-stage implementation process


Duration: 3 months

We take the time to understand your business objectives, performance indicators and reporting systems before conducting a series of leadership courses, workshops and coaching sessions at all levels.



Duration: 6 months

The Confidus application is deployed in your organisation and we familiarise your workers with its features and functionalities. At this stage, selective members from your organisation are identified at all levels and given training, strengthening your in-house competence in a cost-effective way.



Duration: 6-12 months

We provide continuous technical and organisational support to help you engage with your workers and encourage continuous learning. This includes regular coaching and refresher courses.


Confidus is supported by the Oil and Gas Technology Centre in the UK.